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Back Country Lodge Catering / Pre Made Menus 

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Do you have a back country lodge trip booked for the upcoming ski season or this summers hiking season and want someone else to organize the menu , premake your main meals and food shop for your group ?

You have found that someone !

I specialize in planning and preparing full menus for back country ski trips.  I will pre make all your main meals from scratch , package and freeze them and send you with a detailed menu with reheating instructions.  I offer full menu of breakfasts, lunches, appetizers, dinner and dessert or if you just want your main dinner meals that works too!

Email me for more info on menu plans and prices

250 439 9684


Comments from happy customers:

Hi Theresa,

 I was on the ski trip last week to Fairy Meadow hut, which included your premade menu.  The food was DELICIOUS, suuuper plentiful (I love when everyone feels like they can pig out when the food is delicious, and not feel self-conscious about eating a lot, in case there isn’t enough to go around), and so easy to prepare.  Prepping the meals was actually fun because it was so easy, and then you felt like a star because everyone was complimenting each other on how good it was (when really they should be complimenting YOU).  Your booklet of daily instructions made it so simple, right down the to the day-before heads-up on what needed to be pulled out to thaw from the very organized and labelled system of bins and bags.  Every day was fantastic, including great variety in all of the breakfasts, and delicious treats to pack with your lunch.  There wasn’t a single thing that I didn’t absolutely love.  Frankly, the meals were significantly better than many trips where we have flown the chef in to cook for us every day.  I gained weight despite all of the activity every day (because I couldn’t resist having seconds of everything).  The fish curry was probably my favourite (that sauce is incredible) but it really is tough to pick between so many delicious meals. 

You are amazing at what you do.  I hope I can convince my friends to choose your premade meals for all future trips.





Just got back to the States after an unbelievable trip.  Going into it we were really excited about your menu, and it did not disappoint. The food was delicious, super organized and there was more than enough.  Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the preparation and helping to get it to Golden.

 Brian and Mark

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